About Us

Heal the Hunger was founded by Dr. Julia Di Nardo, Psychologist.  We specialize in helping adults who struggle with emotional eating, binge eating, and weight and body image issues.  We have multiple locations in the Montreal area, including the West Island, NDG, and Outremont.  Our mission is to help people heal their relationship with food, to bring them in closer connection to their true selves, and to become free from our culture’s distorted messages about eating and body image.

Our team is comprised of multiple therapists who bring a diverse set of skills, professional training and experience.  We all, however, base the foundation of our work with food on the same set of principles – the philosophy that one’s relationship with food is a mirror of one’s relationship to one’s self, and that it can serve as a gateway to healing and greater well-being on all levels.  To learn more about each individual therapist, click on the individual links below.

Dr. Julia Di Nardo, Director

Adrienne Durst, Team Associate

Elena Grinevitch, Team Associate