Health and Wellness

Streaming Yoga Videos Globally (http://www NULL.myyogaonline is a website that offers unlimited, on-demand access to an amazing array of yoga, pilates and meditation videos. What I love most about this site, aside from the stunning high-quality videos, fantastic teachers, and calming music, is that I can take a yoga “class” whenever I feel like it, and choose from a HUGE selection of classes. They’re always coming out with new videos, so you can stay challenged and engaged. Be sure to have a look around their site, especially their site tour, where you can see some sample videos. If you sign up for their newsletter, you also get free access to a full-length video!

Gemma Waldron, B.Sc., N.D. (http://www NULL.gemmawaldronnd Her goal as a Naturopathic Doctor is to inspire, educate and empower you to be an active participant in your health care. You will work together to treat your health concerns while preventing any future dis-ease. She attended the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto where she trained in a four-year full-time program to become a Naturopathic Doctor. She firmly believes that a diet rich in nutrients and free of allergens along with an active lifestyle is the foundation for optimal health.

(http://www NULL.infinitenourishment Cohen, B.A., NHC. Sharon is a naturopath on the team at Clinique Psy-Sante. She offers nutritional counselling, BioSet Allergy and Sensitivity Elimination, and craniosacral therapy. She will listen to all the factors that impact your overall well-being to understand your health concerns and her goal is to support your own body and mind to heal itself, as she emphasizes a personalized approach to holistic health and prevention, and views the practice of complementary medicine as supporting the individual organism to achieve natural harmony and balance, making it much less susceptible to illness and disease.

Personal Growth

(http://www NULL.verybigdreams Miller’s “My little guidebook to very BIG dreams” is a beautiful hardcover book lovingly created, printed & bound BY HAND, right here in Canada. It is filled with original illustrations that tell the story of a special journey, with some favourite quotes to help inspire! Great accomplishments first start with a thought that must be nurtured to its final manifestation – and this book is a tool to help you do just that. History has proven that those who plot their course with intention – and write it down – are likely to achieve what they set out to do. This is a book you can fill with images, words & quotes to guide you into achieving your own very personalized vision of a life of success… Not a workbook (or a dry manual), but an “art book” version of your very own vision board! So, plant your seeds with the help of “My little guidebook to very BIG dreams.” Get your copy now by visiting (http://www NULL.verybigdreams!

(http://www NULL.mythoughtcoach (http://www NULL.mythoughtcoach is a resource I continually refer my clients to! Chock full of guided meditations, on everything from positive thinking, to dealing with anxiety, developing a healthier relationship with food and your body, coping with bad moods and helping you get to sleep, you’re sure to find something for whatever ails you. Stin Hansen, the creator of this site, has a beautifully soothing voice that gets me right in the zone. My personal favourites include her interval workouts – these literally changed the way I felt about exercise in the most profound way.

Professional Services

(http://www NULL.chicstyle Gran is an Image Coach & Mentor specializing in Personal Branding and dedicated to helping you develop your best personal and professional image. By discovering your core values, you will be able to achieve Authenticity, Consistency, and Clarity in your visual message and build a unique style and personal brand that will make you memorable.

(http://www NULL.image-styleinternational (http://www NULL.image-styleinternational Demers of Image & Style International is a Certified Image Consultant and Style Consultant with The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Her image consulting services will enhance your appearance regardless of your age, body type, budget or lifestyle. Look fabulous no matter what your size with proven image styling strategies, and streamline your wardrobe and create more outfits you will love to wear, saving you time and money. Whatever you need a simple image boost or a complete makeover…Giselle can help you.

(http://www NULL.atimeforsuccess Edward is a writer, speaker, astrologer-numerologist, founder of A Time for Success, winner of a West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce Accolades award. She is the author of “The Power of Time” and “Astrological Crosses in Relationships” and offers consultations and workshops for businesses and individuals worldwide.

Online Tools

(http://www NULL.traineo This site is great for people who want to keep track of their weight management goals. You can keep track of daily activities, including calories burned, as well as keep a food diary. One caveat, however; as an anti-diet enthusiast, I don’t suggest counting calories or portion sizes. Instead, use the principles of intuitive eating and rate your ability to eat “well” each day, a nifty feature of the site. In addition, you can track your weight loss and maintenance over time (just don’t become obsessed with your scale). Finally, and perhaps most effectively, you can build a support network to help you keep on track. There are lots of great free features and some that you have to pay for. However, I highly recommend this site: I’ve checked out loads of other fitness trackers, and this is the one I personally use.

(http://dontbreakthechain’t Break The Chain! This site is simple, but effective. We’ve all heard it takes 21 days to make any new habit stick. For each day you stick to a goal, block off the day on the calendar. It’s immensely satisfying to keep the chain going! Great for trying to stick to any new habit, including health-oriented ones.

(http://www NULL.joesgoals’s Goals. Similar to the site above, Joe’s Goals helps you keep track of your daily commitment to your goals. However, it is a more feature-rich site that allows you to track multiple goals, including “negative goals” for habits that you want to break (e.g., smoking).